Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Sudden appearance

 So......after like 1 year plus im back to blogging? Hahha read almost all my old post and well i publish some wish was on draft. So today, marks 30 th July 2013. I have so much to talk about. from my O level results to work and to a guy whom i just met about 3 months ago? Yes, i'll update more soon. Obviously not now, cause......it's 5.50am in the morning lelas sahur sia! Hahahaha okay la mornight:')

sweetest hello,
7/30/2013 07:09:00 AM


Trying to change for someone who don't even know me.
He don't know what i like and such. Don't view my good habits.
Maki aku lagi la, maki. Ye la, aku kan selfish, egoistic girl, complain je. BUTO.
kau pikir sendiri uhr sia. kau peh attotitude pun macam wtf. aku diam peh diam, tak maksud aku okay ngan sumer. Aku diam and sabar je. Aku nk keluar sumer kene blg kau, padehal kau keluar sampai pagi, tk blg aku. kau pikir gerek uhr gini? Kau suke2 peluk pompan lain, aku mcm budak bodoh, percaye yg kau ngn dhe tkde pape. Dah sah kau mmg.. haish.

sweetest hello,
7/30/2013 07:05:00 AM


sweetest hello,
7/30/2013 07:05:00 AM

Forget about the price Tag

19 March, Saturday

When out with Farahin and Mahsuri. Was totally awesome! LOL. Well, firstly me and Hin went to school for awhile to meet up with cikgu marini, cause Hin need to take something frm cikgu for Bahas Competition. Well, aafter that we go to Tampines One to wait for Suri. Then waited quite long, she ask us to go orchard first. So we just met her at ion orchard. then Walk walk walk around town, and a woman approach us telling about donations all that. Then we donate 2bucks each and receive a memo pad which didn't even cost 6bucks la! like omg. And we can't blame each other cause the three of us are in the wrong actually. Suri fault was to stop when she called us, whereas i already walk ahead both of them, but because Suri stop and hear what she hafta say, i also come closer to them. Farahin fault was saying "yes" when the woman ask, will we be the one donating for this kind of teenagers who are in probation. Then my fault was taking out my wallet first to give her 2bucks. ARGHHH! she spoil our mood man! dah la we pokai! Nevermind, karma will hit her back if she's lying. Then we slack at The Heeren Macd, sit there, talk3, and dont know what to buy since we left a few bucks. Then walk3 until night. after that we were super hungry! So used Cikgu Marini money that she pass to Farahin to pay for the bahas competition the next day. She gave 70bucks for the registration. Then i pinjam 10bucks first and we ate long john silver's. What do you expect? we were super hungrrry! Then we went home took bus 14 together-gether and drop at bedok inter to teman suri. Me and farahin stay near, so okay la tu. haha. So yeah, after antar suri kat bus 18, we took bus 38 home. And she comeby my house, so that i can give her the 10bucks that we used earlier. we had so much funn!!

20 March, Sunday


26 March, Saturday

OMG! OMG! After ten days never met and finally meet up. Omg, we miss each other so much! And plus his blackberry kena tarik because have internet acces. huhu. Tu la, degil lagi la, degil. Nak sangatkan hp yg canggih, then now we suffer sehh. huhu. Aiyo dear. nvm, but luckily you managed to call me even only for 5minutes. aww. Met then go Bugis junction to watch movie, sucker punch. best best! And bf have to go home early because he have to do 3000 word essay on Why we should not leave our bunk key inside the room. LOL! and i help him okay!

27 March, Sunday
Meet love again, at pasir ris. Then went his house and wait for him until he got change all that.
30 March, Wednesday

sweetest hello,
7/30/2013 07:01:00 AM

Friday, March 18, 2011
I'm not good at pretending.

I'm really not good at pretending. Everytime there's something wrong with me. You would notice it. Ohmy, i love you a lot. <3
huhu. Boyfire's hp kena tarik while in ns. Cause have internet access(i only get to know today, 17march). Haish. I don't know how to feel. My emotions all mixed up. Sad? happy for what? angry? tah la. I just don't want anything to change. Not contacting each other for 10days. Anything can happen. I fear that our feelings_____. disappear, i shall say? but i believe that our love is strong, and eventho we're far. we won't let anything at all go between our way.
today.17march. 11.51pm now.
I can't sleep dear. You know kan my timing always what time before i could sleep.
I get your message from your adik. She told me that you ask her to say that you love me and miss me. I love you and i miss you too. A lot. But what to do kan. Have to tahan.
So today. went out with Pixaaay to buy pants at Bugis. aaha. I run out of clothes already. Anyway, nak balik time. Si pixaaay tu paisehy gyler. She binget with her mum cause tmrrw we're going out then she don't have money, dher binget uhr. Then mrt dah sampai, but luckily we didn't board it, cause kebetulan i look up and the mrt is heading to Joo Koon while we were going back to Bedok. Paisehhy gyler sia! Luckily we didn't bored it siaaa! gosh, fiqah! you are, kalau dah binget, tak tentu arah. aiyo.
18march. Tomorrow.
Going out with farahin tomorrow, yay! first time going out together. Gonna bring along camera and take a lot of pichasss! hehe.

sweetest hello,
3/18/2011 02:06:00 AM

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
I'll wait.

If Only i could turn back time to make you happy, i gladly would.

Today. 15March. 8.45am. Home Team Academy. CCK. Dear boyfriend, you're stepping into a new environment. I trust you, please don't destroy that trust. I love you so much and i gave you everything. I'll change for the better, i'll prove it to you. No more childish acts and attitude. Takecare dear, I'll always pray for your safety and health.

I do miss every single moments i had with you. Even the bad ones. Cause everytime we fought, we would eventually get back together. I remember when you said, you wanted to make me hate you. I won't hate you dear, no matter how harsh you treat me. Cause i know i've hurt you myriad of times and you hold on to that. So now, no matter how many times you've hurt me. I would just absorb it, just like the way you did.

So today being the first day you enlist in NS. you must be very tired. Say byebye early in the morning, and now it's already 11.41pm. I texted you at 10plus just now and you didn't reply. Well, i have to understand. You must be tired. Sleep well dear. Goodnight and sweetdreams.

I'll always love you. <3

sweetest hello,
3/16/2011 01:37:00 AM

Monday, March 14, 2011
This time

You never hurt me, It's always me who's been hurting you. I never had any intentions at all for hurting you. It just did, i can't control my emotions. I love you so much that i'm scared to lose you. I know, i gotta work on my attitude. Yes, i kept saying over and over again that i need time. You don't know how hard i tried to be everything that you want me to. Everytime i tried, it doesn't work. Am i trying hard enough?

You're perfect for me. Just too perfect for a girl like me. I'm afraid you realise that you don't need me in your life and also you realise that there's someone out there better for you compare to me. I'm sorry i can't be perfect. I don't know what you want. And as you say, i'm not worthy of your love. I wasn't there when you need me the most. I gave you my everything. You've done your part by taking care of me, if you leave me. I'll hope you're happy, cause i never will. I will always love you, no matter how you treat me or maybe you don't love me anymore.

Sorry Fahmi

It was your chalet, and i really thought that you want to spend time with your friends, I didn't know that you want me there with you. I really don't know. I just want you to be happy. I don't want to be a busybody standing beside you while you're with your friends. I don't know what you guys are talking about, therefore i don't have any rights to be with you at that point of time. Bby, i'm sorry. Eventhough i'm unhappy that day, i hide it. Cause i want to see that you're happy. i'm not jealous, cause there wasn't any girls at that point of time. When you leave to meet your friends, that's where my jealousy came. I really wanna spend my time with you, but i'm scared that i might be making the wrong move. You're so happy, i don't wanna ruin everything.

I only hoped you would be mine for as long as i live.♥

Dear God, give me strength. i don't want this to end.

sweetest hello,
3/14/2011 03:04:00 PM

Sunday, March 13, 2011
fly awaaaay

Pictures up there was taking at Boyfie's chalet. Other picts at Facebook. So go check uh. Well, he book in on Thursday and Book out on Saturday. I went there only on friday cause thurs busy and saturday he book out pagi. So no use i datang. Bi, sorry i never teman you on thurs. busy helping mummy for your stuffs on friday bbq. So yeah. At the chalet, didn't get to spend time with boyfriend. Cause his friends a lot and i was like very malu2 and don't want to be sucha busybody. So instead, i layan his adeq and mum. Lucky im not alone, if not. I would be freaking bored. huhu. Err, i dont want elaborate somemore uh. Lazy to type and i dont know what to say also. Didnt spend alot of time with him. Cause i thought he's happy with his friends around.

Anyway, today maybe i just sit at home la.. He is busy packing his stuff for NS on tuesday. So, i have to understand, even if i'm sad. nevermind, have to put my feelings aside. I have to think about your feelings also. Better takecare of yourself. Jangan asyik laparrr jer! have to tahan. And you better sleep at night, I know you insomnia. But just close your eyes and then sleep. Oh, and don't forget me! if you ever forget me, i'll be very hurt. boohuhu

sweetest hello,
3/13/2011 05:02:00 PM

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Only One

"Only One" - Yellow Card

I promise you that you're gonna be the only one in my life. I love you so much that i wouldn't wanna lose you ever. No matter how bad we fight or no matter how you would treat me. I never wanna lose you. I'm trying to change myself for you. I have to sacrifice what i am now to be what you want me to. Yes, it's hard. Cause i never listen to anyone before. Even my previous lovers. I treat you way differently. Dear, no matter what. I'm still loving you.

sweetest hello,
3/08/2011 06:32:00 PM

Sunday, March 6, 2011


It's already 2months we've been together. Each day, we faced new obstacles. Keep fighting and eventually get back together again. Actually, on our 2 months anni. we were also fighting. haha. All my fault. if i hadn't walk away. All of that wouldn't had happen.
Dear Fahmi,
I love you so much. I'm afraid and shy to express my love to you. Cause maybe you don't see that i love you that much. I wanna prove it to you. But i don't know how. I'm trying slowly to change my behaviour. I know you don't like me to do certain things just like i don't like you to do certain things. So it's fair that we both have something to change about. But i know we both need time, so for now.. I'm still trying. I am trying so hard to be what you want me to. Baby, i don't wanna lose you. i dont wanna search for another replacement.

sweetest hello,
3/06/2011 02:43:00 AM


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